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Tracy Grimshaw’s Gold Logie meltdown and Meghan Markle’s almost husband, this is what’s in the gossip mags this …

Tracy Grimshaw’s Gold Logie meltdown and Meghan Markle’s almost husband, this is what’s in the gossip mags this …
23 Jul

AFTER 13 years at the helm of A Current Affair and nearly 40 years with Channel 9, Tracy Grimshaw is on the verge of walking out for good — and it’s all because she lost the Gold Logie.

“It’s made her question everything — including whether she sticks with the show,” an insider told New Idea.

Tbh I questioned life when Grant Denyer won too.

But for a woman who is a Walkley Award winner and has secured countless exclusives, it’s hard to wrap your head around the fact she has reportedly had to take leave to come to terms with the shock of losing a LOGIE.

“Tracy has always had a wonderful rapport with the public but this time they turned their backs on her in favour of someone who hosts a now-defunct game show. You can see why she’s reeling.”

Anybody else feel horrible for not voting for Tracy? Me neither.

But it looks like she’s taking the necessary steps to deal with such trauma and will hopefully be back on the silver screen soon.

Over to one of her colleagues, Karl Stefanovic, who is reportedly on the verge of his 59th breakdown.

New Idea reports the father-of-three is seriously considering the ‘drastic measure’ of ‘quitting Australia’ in the wake of multiple scandals that have engulfed him over the past two years.

Karl fans need not freak out just yet, the king of Aussie TV hasn’t confirmed he is moving to the US.

But a source told the mag he wants to be closer to James Packer and Russell Crowe which is understandable. Living near your three young children earning $2 million a year < chills with Packer and Rusty.

Speaking of Rusty, he has finally realised Terri Irwin is the one for him after her emotional TV interview last week.

“After seeing her so upset on TV, he wants to be more to her — he wants them to spend even more time together and for him to be her rock. Watching Terri break down was the moment that everything changed for Russell,” a source told New Idea. “Russell loves Terri, but he just has to follow her cues and be the best friend and support he can be.”

I love that in order for this source to extract such delicate info from Russell they would have had to be in a seriously deep place. The kind of place we’re only in after three bottles of red sitting at this dining table at 4am.

We’ve all got ‘sliding doors’ moments — and Meghan Markle has a doozy.

The now Duchess of Sussex, happily married to Prince Harry, could have been Tom Cruise’s wife back in the day.

The new royal’s estranged father, Thomas Markle, revealed in an interview with The Sun that he once caught his then teenage daughter hanging around outside a Scientology building in LA, but because she was banned from ever going near the church again she missed out on almost certainly becoming Cruise’s missus, according to NW sources.

“Meghan definitely would have been in the mix if she had been a single Scientologist back then. If Tom has read Mr Markle’s interview, he’s probably wondering what could have been,” a source told the mag.

After months of bad press about Thomas Markle it appears he’s really been an unsung hero all along.


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