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Top 5 Active Pakistani Celebrities on Instagram

Top 5 Active Pakistani Celebrities on Instagram
06 Jul

The global webbing of modern day show buzz, celebrity entertainment and fresh gossips have won the internet and it no surprise. Words and pictures are meaningless on the internet unless they have been posted, liked, commented on, shared and followed.  This every-day trend of posting to blogging has grown into a lifestyle and as hectic and miserable it may seem, it is what it is.

However, the whole cycle of gossips and trends would never be the same without our celebrities to gossip about and check out what’s hot and not.

Pakistani celebrities have been involved in diverse social media networks to keep up with their very own name and image. The audience always starves and they need new feeds every morning, whether its lifestyle updates, food reviews, fashion trends or even simply just wide spread gossips to put a smirk on their faces. To keep up with all this, our celebrities have been online to tweet, post and blog to keep us entertained.

Let’s go ahead and have a look at the hierarchy of most active celebrities on Instagram.

ATIF ASLAM:  With followers close to 4M, he has not failed to make an appearance online everyday whether he surprises you with his blue dapper outfit, new released single, performance at L.A or his son’s birthday celebration at Paris.  He surely glides through the web with his tasteful music and admirable fatherhood.

MAHIRA KHAN: rising from her ashes with 3.1M followers, has caught our hearts through her sense of style and elegance. Being fashionably versatile, she can go from causal retro blue jeans-white shirt chic outfit to sultry red carpet looks. What she wears doesn’t matter. She is one stunning lady who can pull off any attire thrown at her.

 MAWRA HOCANE: leading with 2.7M followers is loved for her talent. From being a VJ to modeling to acting, this girl does it all. She stays active on her Instagram feeds and stories keeping you updated with her series of fashion and soulful trips.

ALI ZAFAR: has caught 2.1M followers attention not just for being voted the sexiest Asian man or his soulful music and but also for having a kind heart. He has been involved in multiple charity based organizations and actively participates in humanitarian work.

 AIMAN KHAN: this Pakistani sweetheart got recognized for her role as Biya in 2016 serial Mann Mayal and is loved ever since. With a following of 2.1M she has managed to keep her fans smiling through her daily snaps and adorable insta stories.


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