Monday, 20 August 2018

This wannabe TV actor is a conman and part time male escort

This wannabe TV actor is a conman and part time male escort
31 Jul

Buzz is that this TV actress who is a recognised face in the industry has broken up with her beau. With no romantic pics doing the rounds on each other’s social media handles, everyone has assumed that they have called it quits. It seems they had a torried affair but always maintained that they are just friends. As per inside sources, the real reason behind the break up is the guy’s financial indiscretions. It seems he swindled the actress of a sum close to a lakh and is not returning the money. She was understandably furious and later discovered that this is his common trait. He gets romantic with actresses, not the top ones but ones who are regularly employed and dupes them monetarily.

He also has the habit of putting up many pics on social media to show that they are a couple in a bid to get publicity. He was in a relationship with an established actress but she also dumped him after noticing that he has been living off her. This is not all. He also has sex for money and it is pretty known in the industry. She left him after finding out that he was a male prostitute. It is surprising how girls still fall for this low life.


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