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The best of this week’s gossip mags, including a royal rumble and Brad and Jen’s rekindled relationship

The best of this week’s gossip mags, including a royal rumble and Brad and Jen’s rekindled relationship
02 Jul

IT’S amazing what can happen in a week.

While the only thing of substance that happened in my life in the last seven days was passing level 324 in Candy Crush, it seems Meghan Markle’s whole world has fallen apart.

It really started crumbling last year when a rift between the Duchess of Sussex and bride-to-be Princess Eugenie formed after Prince Harry proposed, according to Woman’s Day.

The gossip mag reports Eugenie and her sister Beatrice bully Meghan because they blame the Duchess for taking the shine from Eugenie’s upcoming nuptials in October.

And their bubbling feud hit breaking point at Royal Ascot last week, their public rumble reportedly so bad that the Queen was forced to intervene, hosting the ladies at Buckingham Palace to nut out their issues.

This could explain why Her Majesty pulled out of an important event at St Paul’s Cathedral in London last week so she would be free to host the Mean Girls intervention.

It’s the latest in a string of reports about tensions between the women, which Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall is also involved in. She is said to be on Eugenie’s side after helping her sabotage Meghan’s royal wedding back in May.

Let’s be honest, we all hate Camilla and automatically believe she’s involved. That is until you read New Idea’s source telling the magazine Camilla ‘made it her mission’ to put ‘plenty of meat’ on the wedding menu because Meghan is a vegan and that’s the kind of sabotage I can get behind.

Over to Hollywood royalty where all eyes are on Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston and their rollercoaster of a relationship.

Woman’s Day reports the pair broke up two months ago but are sending the rumour mill into a spin they have rekindled yet again, after a romantic weekend away in Paris which Brad arranged so he could woo Jen.

A source said he told his ex-wife he’d made mistakes in the past but was serious about giving things another go with her, and Jen was all for it. The third wheel in the relationship — everyone in the world — is also all for it.

Brad was so happy he actually looks like he’s floating in this pic with Jen.

Heading down under for some Aussie celeb goss, New Idea got their hands on some pretty dramatic shots of Karl Stefanovic and his fiance Jasmine Yarbrough, with the pair said to be in meltdown mode because of renewed fears the TODAY host might lose his job.

The shoe designer appears to be crying while the TV anchor looks flat as they verse each other in a game of tennis, which I’m sure we can all agree is the exact scenario in which we contemplate life and discuss the imploding future.

Channel 9 execs have not addressed the rumour but the magazine reports Dr Chris Brown or Gold Logie winner Grant Denyer are in the hot seat to replace Karl on the breakfast show, as the veteran fears he will go broke without the income.

The dramatics are all getting a bit much to handle, especially for Tziporah Malkah, who picked up some milk from the corner store wrapped in a pink bed sheet barely concealing her bra and underwear.

She says she’s not headed for another breakdown and quite frankly, I believe her, if this isn’t the picture of happiness idk what is.


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