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SDE gossips of the week: From MP who lives in lodgings to landlords wanting married women

SDE gossips of the week: From MP who lives in lodgings to landlords wanting married women
08 May

This week has been dotted with countless gossips coming from every corner; from Parliament Buildings where an MP turned into a lizard, to Social Media where team mafisi were pushed to defend their territory from a ‘super’ competitor. Here is a compilation of the top stories that lit the week on SDE:

  1. Mpango wa Kando estate, where vitambi are massaged all night
Nairobi’s Roysambu Estate along the Thika Super Highway

Are you a male creature with a dollar to burn and a midlife crisis to fix? Roysambu is your place to go to. Christened the Mpango wa Kando haven, Roysambu is the only city estate where you will find hundreds of cars parked on a busy working day as men and women hang out in pubs donning sensual attires.

Contraceptive pills sell like hot cakes her. On Saturday mornings, the estate is awash with young women moving in and out of pharmacies for the morning-after pill.

  1. Mr Money Bags Mheshimiwa who dumped his family, sleeps in lodgings
MP Justus Murunga

At home back in the village, he is Mr Money Bags but his daughter had problems joining form two over lack of fees and had to be sponsored by CDF. The first-time MP is known to change Land Cruisers faster than his family changes shoes.

Mheshimiwa Justus Murunga, MP for Matungu Constituency in Kakamega County, has never set foot in his house in Nairobi since he was sworn in. The Mhesh, instead, sleeps in lodging in the neighbourhood as his family sometimes lacks food.

  1. Mheshimiwa scales toilet walls in parliament to run from a goat
Nominated MP Hon David Ole Sankok (in Green) with his goat

Well, it is uncommon to spot a goat in the men’s washroom, particularly within Parliament Buildings. A Mheshimiwa was caught off guard by the bleating of a goat as went about his business in the men’s room in parliament. Sensing danger, thinking evil spirits were coming for him, he started climbing walls of the toilet to escape through a ventilation.

It turns out the goat was brought to parliament by MP Ole Sankok to gift a KWS ranger, Philip Wesa, for carrying Deborah Nyaboke, a form two student living with disability who could not climb the hilly Aberdare National park to view the Chania Falls.

  1. The humble and youngest Mheshimiwa from Meru slapped an activist?
Hon John Paul Mwirigi

The 24-year-old university student who defied the odds to become Kenya’s youngest legislator who stole the hearts of many with his humility is making headlines again. Mheshimiwa John Paul Mwirigi says his nemesis are out to sabotage him and spoil his rather good name.

A man, John Gikunda, came out accusing the Igembe South MP of physical assault. According to Gikunda, Mheshimiwa was not happy that he had mobilised residents to protest against poor state of roads in the constituency.

Was he trying to portray Mhesh as a non-performer?

  1. Late Governor Wahome Gakuro’s PA story, says was abandoned after the death of his boss
Albert Gakuru and the car they were traveling in with the late Governor Gakuru

Here comes the sad case of one Albert Gakuru, the former PA to the late Governor Wahome Gakuro. Albert was in the same car with the governor when they got involved in the accident that claimed the governor’s life. He woke up in hospital lonely, jobless and disabled. He does not recall the accident, only to learn two days later after waking up that they were involved in a horror accident and that the governor passed on.

“Witnesses took photos of me bleeding and part of my hand lying on the tarmac. To this day, I don’t know where that piece of my hand went.” Says Albert narrating that his phone also stopped ringing. He adds that all kinds of people used to call him regularly but when the governor died, they forgot he existed.

  1. Kabogo giving team mafisi a run for their money
The lass, Duchace and Hon Kabogo [Photo: Courtesy]

The former Kiambu Governor found himself in unchartered territory after he slid into the comments section to applaud a lass for her beauty. Team mafisi crew could not contain themselves as they pleaded with the former county boss to leave the slay queen to his ‘less fortunate’ brothers.

  1. Is Rose Muhando okay?
Rose Muhando and her photo (left) that did rounds on social media

Tanzanian gospel queen became a topic of discussion on the interwebs after a photo of her circulated widely. In the photo, she has spots on her legs and a bandaged arm.

The songbird has since come out to clear the air disclosing that she was recovering after being involved in an accident three months ago. She explained that the spots and bandage were a result of the injuries she sustained in the accident.

  1. Has former street boy Patrick Hinga rescued by well-wishers relapsed?
Patrick Hinga with his friend and former schoolmate Wanja Mwaura

Former street boy Patrick Hinga made headlines on social media after his childhood friend Wanja Mwaura came to his rescue to help him off drugs. However, after finishing his detoxification program and Wanja setting up a mali mali shop for him, she is getting worried that Hinga could have relapsed after he was spotted in Wangige, his hood.

  1. Babu Owino and Millicent Omanga’s rosy patch
Hon Babu Owino and Senator Millicent Omanga shake hands [Photo: Courtesy]

The frosty relationship between Embakai Est MP Babu Owino and nominated Senator Millicent Omanga is in for a rosy patch. Omanga, on the invite of Babu, graced a bursary awarding ceremony in Embakasi East where the two leaders had a handshake.

The two legislators went for each other’s jugulars for months as they traded jabs while posturing to show hose camp was loudest.

  1. Of the eastlando landlords who want married women only

Landlords in Nairobi’s Eastlands are threatening to smoke out single women from their apartments, claiming that their houses have been turned into sex dens. The landlords who do not want to go public for fear of losing other tenants, have now resorted to vetting potential tenants and turning away single women from their houses.




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