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‘RHONJ’ star Danielle Staub says new husband won’t speak to her

‘RHONJ’ star Danielle Staub says new husband won’t speak to her
03 Aug

Less than three months after Danielle Staub married Marty Caffrey on the Bahamian island of Bimini, the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star’s relationship is in shambles.

After several days of escalating drama, Danielle’s rep tells Page Six that Marty has been refusing to speak to Danielle.

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Reports of trouble emerged over the weekend after Marty posted then deleted a message to Danielle in the comments section of a Reality Wives website Instagram post. “Sorry things didn’t work out baby. You aren’t what you pretended to be. Sad,” he wrote. The same day, he told Radar Online, “Marty Caffrey is divorcing Danielle Staub.”

Danielle’s rep acknowledged something was up. “Danielle is having some difficulties with her marriage and is hoping everything will work out,” her rep told Us Weekly and Page Six on July 28.

But just a few days later on July 31, Marty accused Danielle of “financial, verbal and emotional abuse” in a lengthy statement he gave to Radar.

The same day, Danielle’s rep responded, telling Page Six that Marty’s behavior was extremely troubling considering he’s refused to discuss what’s happening with his wife. “Danielle is very disappointed that Marty spent time composing a three-page statement for the media but won’t sit down and talk with her about the situation,” her rep told the New York Post’s gossip column, adding, “She is also disappointed that he seems much more concerned about press coverage than he does about his marriage.”

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According to the statement Marty gave to Radar, he feels the marriage reached a breaking point while Danielle was planning her birthday party the previous weekend (she turned 56 on July 29).

“Her birthday party was the tipping point,” Marty told Radar. “I was left completely in the dark. I wasn’t allowed to know who was invited. My family and friends were left out until the last minute only because I kept pressing the issue… But I was expected to pay for it. Which I refused to do. This arrogant, disrespectful, presumptuous and entitled attitude I find disturbing. All of this is why I did not attend.” (Sure enough , Marty didn’t appear in any of the masquerade-themed party photos that Danielle posted on social media, nor was he in any pics from her Sunday birthday brunch outing with friends and family.)

“You want to throw a self-indulgence, attention seeking party for yourselves, want me to pay for it, but I’m not allowed to know anything about it or to ask any questions? What world do you live in?” he added.

He also spoke about the “unbelievable level of entitlement and narcissism” in his marriage and took credit for giving Danielle “a platform to be relevant again. Because I believed in her and loved her. I still love her and still believe in her,” he explained. He also lamented that Danielle’s selfish behavior meant “there’s never any time for just ‘us’ [anymore]” and claimed she doesn’t like his kids.

Marty went on to say that the problems in the marriage were shared between them 50-50. “I certainly have made some mistakes and I own them. Sometimes I have embarrassed her. And for those times I’ve apologized and I will continue to do so. She, nor anybody else, never deserves to be treated poorly,” he said.

According to Page Six, Danielle and Marty are still living together in New Jersey as their marriage drama plays out.


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