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Meghan Markle Already Pregnant One Month After Royal Wedding?

Meghan Markle Already Pregnant One Month After Royal Wedding?
24 Jun
Meghan Markle Already Pregnant

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Meghan Markle is already pregnant one month after the royal wedding, according to a wrong story from the tabloids. The report falsely claims she and Prince Harry are expecting their first child. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

“Meghan & Harry: She’s Pregnant,” exclaims the cover of OK! Australia, which also issues a “bump alert.” The photos used to sell this narrative are from the couple’s appearance last weekend at the nuptials of Princess Diana’s niece. A number of reputable outlets reported on Markle’s floral maxi dress, and that she nearly tumbled in it. But no credible publication used the snapshots to claim she has a baby bump.

But the tabloid maintains Markle is “said to be already expecting their first bundle of joy.” A so-called “royal insider” is quoted as saying, “They knew that they should wait until getting married to try to conceive, but they just couldn’t help themselves and they were totally successful.” Continues the magazine’s supposed source, “It’s early days and Meghan isn’t telling anyone because she and Harry hope to hide the pregnancy for as long as they can and confuse people about the date. They are worried about a royal scolding because for sure their bundle of joy was created when they were only engaged.”

This begs at least two questions: If Markle “isn’t telling anyone” about the purported pregnancy, how did this “royal insider” find out, and why did he or she see fit to leak the private information to the gossip media? What good is trying to “confuse people about the date” by delaying an announcement when Markle’s eventual birth date would essentially allow anyone to figure out the conception time frame?

The outlet tries to substantiate its pregnancy claims by quoting from Markle’s father’s recent interview in which he spoke about her having children. “There’s got to be a child in the making, somewhere soon,” he said. But the publication conveniently leaves out his very next sentence: “I don’t think there is a stork in the air yet.”

Perhaps most significantly, the Duke and Duchess’ fall trip to Australia has been expanded to include Fiji and Tonga, which has prompted concern about Markle contracting the Zika virus. The CDC’s world map shows both Fiji and Tonga are locations with a Zika risk, and warns that “women who are pregnant should not travel” there. If Markle was really pregnant as claimed, she wouldn’t be going to those locales.

To recap, OK! is using recent photos of Markle to contend she has a “bump,” but no reliable publications have argued the same. The tabloid purports to have a “royal insider” leaking that she is pregnant, yet this anonymous source also says she “isn’t telling anyone.” The magazine misleads readers by cherry-picking part of her father’s comments, and completely ignores the upcoming royal trip to areas that pose health risks for pregnant women. It is apparent from this shoddy story and outside evidence that Markle is not actually expecting at this time, despite what the outlet wants readers to believe.


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