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Meghan Markle A “Bridezilla” And “Driving Everyone Crazy” Before Royal Wedding?

Meghan Markle A “Bridezilla” And “Driving Everyone Crazy” Before Royal Wedding?
03 May
Meghan Markle Bridezilla

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Has Meghan Markle become a “bridezilla”? A report is claiming the bride-to-be is “driving everyone crazy” in the weeks before the royal wedding. Gossip Cop, however, can bust the untrue story.

With the nuptials “fast approaching,” Life & Style alleges Markle is “feeling the heat — and breathing Bridezilla fire.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Meghan’s driving everyone crazy with her diva demands.” This supposed source describes the future royal as a “perfectionist” who is “trying to control everything going on around her.”

What “diva demands” has Markle made? What, specifically, is she “trying to control”? Just whom has been driven “crazy” by her behavior? The tabloid doesn’t have any of this relevant information. Instead, the gossip magazine throws out these contentions and offers no details to explain them and no proof to support them. The outlet’s unnamed and untraceable tipster goes on to claim Markle is in “panic mode,” and even asserts she “can’t sleep at night because she’s so stressed out.”

“She’s worried about her family being on their best behavior,” contends the purported “insider”. But the publication then admits, “At this point, it’s unclear who from Meghan’s family will even be attending the wedding.” One would think that if the tabloid really had an “insider” leaking these claims, the magazine should be able to find out from its source which family members will be at the big event. This is even more curious considering that just over a month ago, the outlet ran a cover story in which it alleged a “palace planner” for Prince Harry and Markle’s wedding had told “all.”

And while the publication maintained then that Markle was “involved in every aspect of the planning, from the flowers to the table decor,” nothing was said about her being controlling and making “diva demands.” It almost seems as if the tabloid is merely now taking a stereotype about brides and applying it to Markle, even though it has no evidence to substantiate such a narrative. Notably, not one reputable media source has reported anything about Markle causing problems amid the pre-wedding prep.

What’s more is that back in January, in a piece about how Markle and Prince Harry are “doing everything their way,” Us Weekly actually noted the actress was “unfazed by the responsibility of planning an extravaganza that will be viewed by millions.” “Entertainment Tonight” similarly reported in March that Markle and Prince Harry are making the royal wedding “their own,” and specifically noted how Queen Elizabeth is being “very, very accommodating.” Citing royals expert Katie Nicholl, it was revealed, “She has said to the couple, ‘This is your wedding, this is your day. Plan it as you want it.’” In other words, Markle’s preferences have been welcomed, not viewed as “diva” behavior.

As for the former “Suits” star being in a “panic,” it’s of course normal for stress to set in as one’s wedding day nears and this is certainly no ordinary event. But Markle also has way more help, in the form of the monarchy’s experienced staff, than the average bride. Gossip Cop is told by a Kensington Palace staffer on background that all has gone smoothly to date. (The palace rarely comments on the record as a matter of policy.) A tabloid like Life & Style simply isn’t trustworthy on such matters, particularly one that offered a different storyline only weeks ago.

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Meghan Markle is a bridezilla.

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Meghan Markle is a bridezilla who is driving everyone crazy before the royal wedding.

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