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Logies 2018: How the stars celebrated after the ceremony

Logies 2018: How the stars celebrated after the ceremony
23 Jul

As the saying goes, “after the party is the after-party”, and our favourite stars wasted no time letting their hair down following Sunday night’s Logie Awards on the Gold Coast. 

Despite much of the showbiz crowd having an early start on Monday morning, the party was in full swing, and went well into the late hours. 

“My advice is don’t look at your watch,” TODAY show host Georgie Gardner advised fellow partygoers. 

For some, after the after-party, it’s straight back to the hotel lobby.
Sonia Kruger‘s plan of attack involved some midnight snacks and comfy clothes.  

“I’m going to be sensible, put on a pair of flats, a comfortable pyjama, order a cheeseburger and go to bed!” she said. 

Another “sensible” celeb was last year’s Gold Logie winner
Samuel Johnson, who opted for water as his drink of choice. 

“I’m on the water. One thing you don’t do in showbiz is get drunk around your peers,” he wisely pointed out.  

For others, especially the reality stars, there were no inhibitions or next day concerns. 

According to
Dean Wells, the Married at First Sight cast were the loosest of the night. 

“Wherever we are, that’s where the party’s at,” the former TV groom told TODAY.  

“These guys know how to party, it’s unbelievable,” MAFS co-star Troy Delmege confirmed with a fist pump. 

There were plenty of daggy dance moves on show, with
Andy Lee and his girlfriend Rebecca Harding giving “flossing” a crack. 

Shannon Noll showed off some “power poses”, while Hamish Blake bragged about “my move, the worm”, but failed to pull it out for the camera. 

Gold nominee
Rodger Corser opted for some classic “daggy dad dance moves”, his repertoire including, “the sprinkler, heavy shopping and other bad stuff”. 

Nine News presenter Deborah Knight, who rocked some impressive silver sneakers on the dance floor, even threatened to “get into the DJ booth” at one point. 

“I’m not ruling anything out,” the party-ready star said. 

Yep, we’re pretty sure there are more than a few sore heads in TV land this morning! 

Chris Hemsworth and Margot Robbie at the Logies

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