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Letter to the editor | Women create chaos in the workplace

Letter to the editor | Women create chaos in the workplace
09 Jul

Michael Mosorjak (June 4, “America needs a dose of girl power”), to coin a childhood hero Fred Flintstone: “You’re out of your rock pickin’ mind.”

I have the inside scoop being female for 54 years. I preface my letter with: I am blessed to have wonderful women in my circle. 

However, if you think, for one minute, women are going to save our representative republic, you’re crazy.

I feel as though some women and their weak-kneed lamenting brought forth an emasculation of men since Adam and Eve in the garden. God doesn’t discriminate or elevate one class of people over the next. Bureaucrats do. They’re human resources.

The chaos you refer to is leftist liberal legislators, male and female, led by satanic forces: Lying, corruption, power, co-dependency and greed. The more chaos they create between the masses, the wealthier they become.

If women’s lib accomplished one single thing to improve women’s relations, I would be a proponent. I am not. In fact, just the opposite. 

In my 37-year work history, the only problems I’ve encountered were mostly from women. They manipulate, gossip, create drama and smack each other to raise their own selves. Yes, some men may do this, but mostly women, in my lifetime. Personal testimony.

I’m saddened by the emasculation of America. The advent of this occurred in the 1960s when entitlements took the place of the American husband in the family unit. Ever since then, the media mind control took over from Ward Cleaver, a healthy father figure, to total family dysfunction, our civility has dissolved.

Janet Lord



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