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Justin Trudeau Had The Entire Royal Family Swooning At Last Night’s State Banquet In London

Justin Trudeau Had The Entire Royal Family Swooning At Last Night’s State Banquet In London
21 Apr

Love him, or hate him you can’t deny that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a pretty charismatic guy, we mean he’s been known to charm everyone from Presidents to pop stars.  And while in London, England attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting this past week, our leader did not disappoint. 

Trudeau attended a black-tie affair banquet at Buckingham Palace, spoke at London’s City Hall on gender equality, shook hands with Prince Charles, and hung out with friend and Invictus Game founder and Toronto lover, Price Harry. All while making each Royal smile and swoon.

It seems like no one was more charmed by our 23rd Prime Minister than the Queen herself. The pair were seen in multiple photos chatting and laughing while they posed for the cameras. However it’s the candid images of their interactions that lets us know that the queen as a soft spot for our younger Trudeau.

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Then Trudeau and longtime friend Prince Harry were seen warmly embracing one another during the festivities of the week. The pair worked closely together on the Invictus Games that were held in Toronto this past September. And Toronto was the place Harry decided to publicly step out as an official couple with Meghan Markle before the couple got engaged. It’s no surprise that they were excited to see one another. 

Then while at the Heads of State dinner held at Buckingham Palace, Trudeau managed to sit down with the next in line for the throne,  Prince Charles. Where Trudeau showed his support on the idea of the Prince being the head of the Commonwealth in the future. The pair of course were seen smiling and cracking up while chatting. 

Finally Trudeau was able to charm the non-royal but equally smitten Prime Minister of the UK Theresa May while speaking to London’s youth at City Hall on gender equality with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.


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