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How Jennifer Aniston Feels About Being A Subject Of Celebrity Gossip

How Jennifer Aniston Feels About Being A Subject Of Celebrity Gossip
01 Aug

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If you have ever glazed over the tabloid covers on a supermarket magazine racket, or if you have ever scrolled your way through a celebrity gossip website in your life, there’s certainly a good chance that you’ve seen Jennifer Aniston mentioned at least once or twice. The former Friends actress-turned-movie star is certainly no stranger to constant speculation from the media. Whether it’s about her lifestyle, beauty secrets or, more likely than not, her romantic life, there’s always someone gossiping about Jennifer. How does she feel about that? Well, she understandably holds mixed feelings.

During a recent cover profile for InStyle, Jennifer Aniston elaborated on how it feels to constantly be the source of speculation. While she admits that she’ll laugh at some of the ridiculousness stuff, it can sometimes get under her skin a bit too. Considering how wild the rumors get, that’s reasonable.

Ultimately, though, it’s all about the work. She’s a hard-working actress and producer, so gossip rags be damned. Everyone has a job to do, and Aniston is focused on hers. Still, Jennifer Aniston does admittedly find herself frustrated by some reporting. Notably, the A-list performer is annoyed by the constant questions about her broken heart and whether she’ll ever settle down and have kids. While Aniston has developed a thick skin for a few unsavory things directed her way, these comments — and the pressure to have a family — can rub her the wrong way.

These comments are related to Jennifer Aniston’s recent separation from her husband, Justin Theroux, earlier this year. There has been a great deal of speculation (of course) as to what might’ve caused the high-profile break-up, with some people believing it might have something to do with work hassles between the two highly in-demand actors, along with Theroux’s preference for New York City over Aniston’s insistence on living in Los Angeles. But ultimately, it’s a private matter, as all relationships are — even when the tabloid media says otherwise. Like Aniston admits in the quote above, nobody really knows what happens behind closed doors, and we might never know what caused these two lovers to go about their separate ways.

Jennifer Aniston continues to find a steady stream of new projects to keep her attention away from the noise. Next, Aniston will be seen in the comedy musical Dumplin’, which is based on the book of the same name by Julie Murphy. It is expected to arrive sometime this year, though it’s unclear when. She’s also filming Netflix’s Murder Mystery, which reunites the actress with Adam Sandler. They previously worked together on 2011’s Just Go With It. Additionally, Aniston is looking to return to the small screen. She is currently attached to an upcoming, untitled new series with Reese Witherspoon produced by Apple. It will be Jennifer Aniston’s first TV role since the actress wrapped up her tenure with Friends 14 years earlier.


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