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How Anand Ahuja changed Sonam Kapoor’s perspective about love!

How Anand Ahuja changed Sonam Kapoor’s perspective about love!
06 May

Sonam Kapoor is all set to follow in Anushka Sharma’s footsteps. The Mausam actress will tie the knot with her beau, Anand Ahuja, on May 8 and happily join the married actresses’ bandwagon. Sonam, who had made her Bollywood debut in 2007, had her own share of heartbreaks and that probably gave her some bitter memories. She once believed that men bring negativity in women’s life and that pure love is lost somewhere. But we believe that’s all in the past now. Today, Sonam is willing to take such a big step and she trusts Anand with all her life. She’s willing to get committed and we wonder if we should credit her beau for this remarkable change in her. Also Read: Sonam Kapoor never wanted her future husband to be like father Anil Kapoor – here’s why

Sonam had no qualms in admitting that she enjoyed having female company over male. Probably that should answer your question why the idea of Veere Di Wedding crossed her mind. “I love girls, I surround myself with only women. I think men bring negativity into your life sometimes. Only women work with me,” Sonam had once told IANS in an interview. The reason why she signed Mausam opposite Shahid Kapoor was the fact that it revolved around old school romance. “Pure romance is lost somewhere and that’s why we (team Mausam) are trying to get that back. I know people will connect to it because someone like me, who lives in this generation, wonders why there aren’t more romantic films,” Sonam told IANS during her interview then. Despite being so dismissive of love initially, the pretty actress always believed that love changes people and that’s exactly what happened with her. “What is shown in films is not love but what you saw in Raanjhanaa is definitely love. In films everything is just so perfect, perfect hero, perfect heroine and perfect situation. But in real life nothing is perfect. I believe love changes people,” she said in one of her interviews.

However, Sonam never had a lengthy list of qualities she would like to have in her guy. When the actress was asked how would someone win her heart, she said, “I am an old world romantic. A man just needs to be kind-hearted and ambitious. That’s the deadly combination for me. I’ve realised that the two don’t go hand-in-hand. Either you’re very ambitious and that makes you unkind and hard. But I think when you have that combination, you’ll win my heart for sure.” And we guess Mr Ahuja was one of such guys who was a lethal combination of two exact qualities that she wished for. Also Read: Sonam Kapoor – Anand Ahuja wedding: All that you need to know about the groom

The Pad Man actress was always clear that her future husband or even boyfriend would never belong to the entertainment industry. He has to be fiercely loyal for trust is very essential in any relationship. The actress who once needed a matchmaker is now happily committed to this Delhi-based entrepreneur and all set the tie the knot in less than a week. Time, indeed, heals everything.


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