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Hey PewDiePie, let’s give you a dummies guide to who Rajinikanth aka Thalaivar is

Hey PewDiePie, let’s give you a dummies guide to who Rajinikanth aka Thalaivar is
14 May

Recently, a Swedish Youtuber by the name – PewDiepie went on to take a dig at India’s television shows and films. He called the video ” You India you lose”. He trolled some of the scenes witnessed on Television and in films and had a good laugh over it. While he had a good time mocking Indian television and films, we are left in shock over something else. If you have watched the video, on exactly 6:12, he decides to talk about funny Bollywood action scenes and guess what he decides to show  – an action scene from Tamil sci-fi adventure Enthiran – the Robot. Wait, does that mean he can’t tell the difference between a Bollywood film and a south film? But that’s not all – He didn’t even know it was a Rajinikanth film! All he was left saying ” How is this a movie? Did they make this in Gmod? What is happening? So yes, pwediepie you have left us in shock because YOU don’t even know who Rajinikanth is. Since we just past that fact, we thought we should help him out. Enlighten him on one of the biggest stars Tamil Cinema as seen. So Hey pewdiepie, here’s a dummies guide to who Rajinikanth aka Thalaivar is: Making of 2.0 part II: The makers promise Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar will stand in front of you, courtesy 3D technology

#Rajinikanth is one of the biggest superstars south cinema has ever known. He is fondly known as Thalaivar among fans, celebs and other co-stars.

#He might have only 4.4 million followers on Twitter, 185,839 fans on Facebook but the veteran actor boasts of  50, 000 registered fan clubs! Each of these fan clubs comprises at least 25 people. Apart from registered fan clubs, there are scored of unofficial fan clubs.

#He is one of the highest paid Indian actors of today. He has acted in over 150 films across multiple languages – Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu since 1975.

#He has been honoured with the Honourable Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan.

#Apart from India, the actor boasts of a staggering fan base in Malaysia, Japan.

#According to author Naman Ramchandran who wrote a biography on Thalaivar – “If you grow up in South India, Thalaivar is part of the air you breathe, so he becomes part of your DNA”

#He is one of the few actors who doesn’t wear his wig when he’s not working. He presents himself as he is – he is usually seen dressed in a simple kurta. He is also one of the few actors who treats his fans with utmost humility.

#The superstar’s action scenes have such a cult following that jokes based on his incredible strength are viral online. They just give you another reason to be in awe of his super awesome strength. Also, his dialogues are some the most quoted dialogues by fans.

[embedded content]

#The scene that you pointed out to is from one of his most expensive films called Enthiran – The Robot. Rajinikanth played a dual role – that of a scientist Dr Vaseegaran and a robot called Chitti.  The film on its release went on to become one of the biggest grossing of Tamil cinema. With its exemplary VFX, prosthetics, special effects, the movie proved to be a game changer for Tamil cinema. It was the pioneer of the sci-fi  genre down south and showcased action in a completely new format.

#It was Enthiran – The Robot that has paved the way for many other exemplary films – Baahubali 1&2, Tik Tik Tik, a film on space, Sanghamithra – a historical drama, Gautamiputra Satakarni – a story on the rule of the Satvahana dynasty.

#Even after forty three years, he still remains the most sought after star. He will soon be seen in a gangsta drama – Kaala. Apart from this movie, he will be seen in 2.0 – the sequel to Enthitan and one of the most expensive projects in Tamil Cinema. He also has another project in the pipeline with another promising director.

So pewdiepie, we hope we have enlightened you enough on who one of the world’s most loved, respect, adored, admired stars is.


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