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Gossip Girl
27 May
Picture: Rashbehari Das

Who’s the first celebrity you interviewed?

That’s probably Abhishek Bachchan and I got so nervous and starstruck that it was a huge disaster. But I learnt a lot from that.

One Bollywood fashion trend that’s here to stay?

Winged eyeliner with a very cute crop, and I think Sonam Kapoor has nailed it. It’s sort of a mix of trendy and sexy and sweet. 

Most fashionable star kid on the block?

I think Suhana (Khan) is looking quite stylish now and she’s even bringing back the bandage dress. Khushi and Janhvi (Kapoor) are very stylish and I think will make an impact. 

The most fashionable celebrity is? 

I think Ranveer Singh is ahead of the curve because he does something insane every time we see him and that makes him fashionable in that sense. Among the girls, Kangana Ranaut has an amazing style and her fashion evolution has been incredible.  

One airport look that is totally impractical?

High heels are ridiculous, especially boots with high heels because you have to take them off for security check. 

A hilarious Bolly gossip you have heard recently?

Sometime ago, and I can’t really name anyone, I heard that there’s a yesteryear actress who works out at the gym at the Taj in Bombay and every time she goes there, she hangs around till everyone leaves and then she goes to the spa and leaves with three apples and three hand towels. I thought that was really funny. 

The toughest part about being Miss Malini?

I just don’t have enough hours in a day. I don’t get too much sleep but that’s my fault because I watch a lot of Netflix. I finished Black Mirror and have started watching Mosaic and Altered Carbon.

Is airport style overrated?

I don’t think so. It’s fun to see how people dress to the airport because they make it comfortable and cool and also because that represents them all over the world internationally. Gym style is also definitely fun. Also, what the celebrities are wearing casually when they head out to dinner or a movie is interesting to watch. 

Miss Malini’s secret of making friendships? 

I think you just have to be open to people and be interested in them and ask questions more than you answer them. And you have to really listen to what they say. And also realise that everyone has their insecurities and everyone wants someone to notice something about them and once you do that, I think that really makes a difference. 

The story behind naming your website Miss Malini?

I decided to go with Malini because my name is that (Malini Agarwal) and instead of calling it ‘Malini Bollywood Gossip Girl’, I thought of keeping it simple like Perez Hilton and others who have done it in the past, and I like the alliteration. 


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