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Farrah Abraham BUSTED In Hilarious Photoshop Fails!

Farrah Abraham BUSTED In Hilarious Photoshop Fails!
06 Jul

It’s been seven months since Farrah Abraham was fired from Teen Mom OG, but she’s still finding new and creative ways to embarrass herself in public on a regular basis.

In June, Farrah was arrested after allegedly attacking a staff member at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

And July is already off to a very promising start thanks to some truly embarrassing Photoshop disasters on Farrah’s Instagram page.

We’re not sure what’s funnier — the fails themselves, or the brutal fashion in which Farrah is being roasted by her followers.

Check out the gallery below to decide for yourself:

Farrah Abraham Sucks at Photoshop

Farrah Abraham Sucks at Photoshop

Farrah posted this pic to her Instagram page to celebrate Independence Day. Fans were quick to point out the irony of her obvious dependence on Photoshop.

Word Salad

Word Salad

Farrah attempted to explain what her ass has to do with the Fourth of July with one of her classically nonsensical rants:

Shout Out To … Everyone?

Shout Out To ... Everyone?

“For the I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T,” Farrah wrote. “The leaders, the doers, the disrupters, no better way then celebrating your “survivor journey” on #independenceday stay true to your focus, your ambition, your drive your over coming is noticed and recognized on this very day. Cheers to the independent success stories GOD BLESS THE USA”

Hashtags Galore

Hashtags Galore

Because of course she wasn’t done there, Farrah added: “#blessed #livingmybestlife #ilovemylife #survivor #independentwoman #independent #syrian #american #danish #sicilian #2018 #victor #victory #fireworks #firework”

The Real Issue Here

The Real Issue Here

Obviously, fans were less focused on the ridiculous patriotic caption than on the botched retouching of Farrah’s butt.

A Valid Question

A Valid Question

“Omg what’s wrong with your butt?” asked one fan. Needless to say, she wasn’t alone in her curiosity.

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