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Dominique Potter: Kailyn Lowry Is a Shady-Ass Cheater!

Dominique Potter: Kailyn Lowry Is a Shady-Ass Cheater!
07 Jun

Dominique Potter is ready to drop some truth bombs.

This substitute teacher had been living a quiet life, far away from the celebrity gossip spotlight, when she started dated Teen Mom 2 cast member Kailyn Lowry in late 2017.

How did the two meet?

When did they officially become an item?

Why did they split up?

Amidst a flurry of Teen Mom 2 news, views and controversy, Potter sat down and spoke at length with Radar Online regarding her past (and present) with Lowry.

This is a rundown of what she said and where they stand…

When Did They Meet?

When Did They Meet?

About two years ago, Potter said to open her chat with Radar, at a “private event in” New Jersey. She didn’t offer many more details, but did confirm the pair were just friends for awhile.

When Did They Start Dating?

When Did They Start Dating?

Potter knows the exact date: “We went to Atlanta the second week of November. November 14 was the actual day. She wanted the title,” Dom explained to Radar, referring, we assume, to the title of “girlfriend.” This is when they became exclusive.

Is That Accurate, Kailyn?

Is That Accurate, Kailyn?

Yes. Lowry said basically the same thing on a podcast with Lindsie Chrisley in November. The two even posed for some photos together on social media around this time.

They Looked Happy, But…

They Looked Happy, But...

“We weren’t dating anybody else. Any time she thought I was speaking to somebody, she was quick to ask what I was doing,” Potter now says, making it clear there was always tension between the girlfriend. “There were a couple of times she questioned if I was cheating on her. I wasn’t seeing anyone else. I can’y say the same for her.”

Then, Things Got REALLY Weird

Then, Things Got REALLY Weird

Potter explains that she read about the couple breaking up online and asked Kailyn where those rumors came from, considering she thought they were still committed. “I questioned her about it and she said just leave it alone,” Dom tells Radar. “I went with that. Whatever she said, I believed it.”

They Took a Temporary Break in February

They Took a Temporary Break in February

Due to “trust issues,” Potter says. But the split only lasted a week. It was really just a hiatus.

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