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Caitlyn Jenner Not Attending Son Brody’s Wedding Due To “Work Commitments”

Caitlyn Jenner Not Attending Son Brody’s Wedding Due To “Work Commitments”
29 May
Caitlyn Jenner Brody Wedding

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Caitlyn Jenner will not be attending son Brody Jenner’s wedding, Gossip Cop has learned exclusively. However, this should not be misconstrued as an issue between father and son. Rather, we’re told the elder Jenner has “work commitments” that have prevented her from traveling to Bali for the nuptials.

Over the last few days, Brody, fiancée Kaitlynn Carter and his mom Linda Thompson have been celebrating the impending marriage on the Indonesian island. They’ve been joined by Brandon Jenner and other assorted family members and friends. Thompson has been documenting the festivities on Instagram, and noticeably absent from all the photos so far is Caitlyn.

That’s led sites like RadarOnline to speculate, “It seems that the reality star was either uninvited, will just jet out for the destination wedding itself, or for whatever reason declined to attend the bash.” The blog has offered three different explanations that it can’t substantiate, rather than do any actual reporting. Gossip Cop, on the other hand, decided to investigate.

We checked in with a spokesperson for Caitlyn, who exclusively tells us, “She was invited but couldn’t make it due to a variety of work commitments.” The former Olympian spends most of her time these days advocating for transgender causes. Though seen in Malibu this past week, Caitlyn was in England earlier this month to speak before Parliament about the LGBTQ community.

And though she won’t be in attendance when Brody says “I do,” the marriage has Caitlyn’s blessing. Last month, Caitlyn shared a picture of herself and Carter on Instagram, gushing in the caption, “Went to my first bridal shower, for Brody’s fiancé Kaitlynn Carter. I had so much fun! PS so much better than Bachelor parties!” Carter replied in a comment, “I’m so happy you were there!!! It meant a lot to me!!”

Meanwhile, Caitlyn has had the support of her son throughout her transition. In fact, in 2015 Brody actually said he and Caitlyn were getting along better now that she was her authentic self. “I’ve known Bruce for a long time and I didn’t really get along with Bruce. Caitlyn and I get along a little more,” he revealed in an interview, adding, “Caitlyn is a much freer, happier person and I think that’s very special.”

Additionally, just last year, when Caitlyn discussed how her relationship with her children had changed through her transition for a “20/20” update, Brody and his siblings said in a statement, “We can honestly say that Caitlyn’s gender transition has brought our family closer together and for that we are grateful.” Caitlyn is pictured above with sons Brandon and Brody in 2016.


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