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#BLBestof6: Angira Dhar and Vicky Kaushal’s Love Per Square Foot was the most awesome movie on a digital platform …

#BLBestof6: Angira Dhar and Vicky Kaushal’s Love Per Square Foot was the most awesome movie on a digital platform …
23 Jul

Streaming platforms are delivering some of the coolest stuff we have seen in the longest time. Our this year’s favourite is the film, Love Per Square Foot. The romantic comedy stars Angira Dhar and Vicky Kaushal as the main leads. It was Netflix’s first Indian original film, though acquired and not commissioned. The movie was well received by the critics and we feel it was the best film release on any digital platform this year. We would totally pay money to watch this movie on the big screen.

Love Per Square Foot has been produced by RSVP films, which is the coolest production house in India at the moment. The movie was directed by Anand Tiwari. It told the story of a young pair who fall in love with each other while trying to acquire their dream house in Mumbai. (ALSO READ: Love Per Square Foot movie review: Angira Dhar and Vicky Kaushal’s romantic-comedy hits home)

Talking about the movie, we wrote in our review, “While Love Per Square Foot is every hopeless romantic’s dream come true, it will also manage to resonate with everyone who harbours a desire to own a house in the city someday. The opening shot of the movie is that of our hero standing on the top of a roof with a towel around his neck like a cape – his shadow perfectly depicting him as a superhero. Well, every Mumbaikar is a superhero, to say the least. It takes a certain amount of superhuman strength to get out of the bed every day and commute to work in the locals that are packed to the brim.”

We are rounding up our favourites of the first half of the year. We have already declared that Anushka Sharma’s Pari trailer was the most awesome. And that Ranbir Kapoor’s Sanju poster was the best to come so far. And we had to settle for a tie between Tareefan and Dilbaro for the best song.


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