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BIG MAC WITH A SIDE OF GOSSIP: McDonald’s employee unaware mic is on during drive-thru rant

BIG MAC WITH A SIDE OF GOSSIP: McDonald’s employee unaware mic is on during drive-thru rant
25 Jul

When you’re on the drive-thru shift at McDonald’s, make sure your headset isn’t live before having a conversation.

In a video that has since gone viral, the conversation a female crew member was having with a friend was broadcasted live through the speaker of the McDonald’s drive-thru speaker as Ryan Atkinson tried to place an order on July 18.

Patiently waiting to place his order, Atkinson filmed the entire one-sided conversation from the drive-thru and uploaded it to Facebook, where it’s been viewed more than one million times.

“So I was traveling to Homosassa, Florida today and stopped at the McDonald’s in Cross City for some breakfast…hot mic!” Atkinson captioned the video.

WARNING: Video contains coarse language

The employee can be first heard complained about cleaning on her day off.

“If I’m going to clean on my day off, I’m going to clean at home, and it was hotter than a motherf—er in here, dude,” said the Mickey D’s employee.

The unnamed employee then acknowledged she needed to serve a customer, but not before complaining to her friend about some girl named Brittany.

“Man, she’s a joke,” the employee said while Atkinson continued to record. “I just let her borrow $20 and she already paid her phone bill. Girl, I had to ask her twice for it back. Finally yesterday she gives me $10 of it, and then says ‘hey, I got weed for sale, I can give you a front.’ I’m like, b—- you can’t afford to give fronts. You owe people money.”

After about two minutes, the employee realizes she still has to take Atkinson’s order. She then greets him over the speaker, unaware he was listening to her silently this entire time.

“I apologize for the wait. How can I help you?” she asks Atkinson.

Atkinson goes on to order a Sausage and Egg McMuffin and a Bacon, Egg and Cheese McGriddle.


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