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Ben Affleck Asked Jennifer Garner To Get Back Together?

Ben Affleck Asked Jennifer Garner To Get Back Together?
07 Jul
Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Back Together

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Ben Affleck never asked Jennifer Garner to get back together a year ago, despite a poorly-timed report. Exactly 12 months ago, Gossip Cop explained how and why the story was wrong. Now time has made its inaccuracy even clearer.

On July 7, 2017, we rightly busted Life & Style for claiming Affleck was “pushing for an official reconciliation” after he and Garner took a family vacation to the Bahamas, despite their marital estrangement. Since the trip went well and they were supposedly “so happy back together,” it was alleged Affleck wanted to formally reunite. “Ben asked Jen to call off the divorce,” a so-called “insider” was quoted as saying.

The tabloid’s alleged tipster went on to contend the actor was hoping “Jen will realize what a great time they had on vacation and want to move forward together.” And with their divorce not yet settled, “Ben isn’t going down without a fight,” maintained this questionable source. But as Gossip Cop pointed out then, the “insider” couldn’t have really been in-the-know because its purported inside information on the former couple was all wrong.

As opposed to working on winning Garner back, Affleck had actually moved on. The very same week the magazine peddled this narrative, it was revealed Affleck was dating Lindsay Shookus. At the time, it was reported by E! Online that while the relationship was in the “early stages,” it was also “more than a summer fling.” The passage of time has shown just how right that was, and how wrong the tabloid was about a reunion with Garner.

365 days have gone by, and Affleck and the “SNL” producer are still together, while his divorce from Garner is still proceeding. In fact, People reported just a few days ago that Affleck and Shookus will be spending the summer together in Los Angeles while “Saturday Night Live” is on hiatus. “Entertainment Tonight” also recently did a story exploring how Affleck and Shookus may not be at the marriage stage yet, but their relationship is “still going strong.”

Meanwhile, Life & Style has continued to spread misinformation. Last November, the magazine pretended it never peddled a tale about Affleck wanting to reunite with Garner and offered a new article alleging he and Shookus were “secretly engaged.” Gossip Cop corrected that at the time, and in the aforementioned “ET” story from two weeks ago, it was specifically stressed, “Ben isn’t ready to propose and has no plans to get engaged anytime soon.”

So, this much is apparent: Life & Style was wrong last year claiming Affleck was asking Garner to get back together when he was actually moving on with Shookus. And the outlet was also wrong last fall when it alleged he and Shookus were “secretly engaged.” Gossip Cop will continue to hold the publication accountable when it comes to reporting on Affleck and all stars.


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