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Bani J hits back at trolls through a powerful music video

Bani J hits back at trolls through a powerful music video
05 Jun

Gurbani Judge, better known as Bani, has sung a song to slam the people who troll her. She has lent her voice to the song for a video as part of show Trolled for a digital channel — Rise By TLC, read the statement. “‘Mard… half mard’, ‘Kya karna cha rahi ho? (What do you want to do)’, ‘Who will get married to you’, ‘Tattoo ki dukan’ — A lot of people like to throw these words around just like they love to throw their opinions in your face,” Bani said.

Bani said she was excited when she was approached for the song. “I really do believe that judging people and making assumptions about them is completely pointless. Like, who are we to judge one another? It’s all ego and insecurity driven and it’s never going to be productive or fruitful. ALSO READ: Bani J slips into a transparent sheer dress to look sultry but it’s a thumbs down from us

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“Let this video be a reminder to you beautiful supportive lot to not look for validation from outside of yourselves, don’t get into that column and box just to make someone else happy, do what feels right for you, what makes you happy. Look within, it’s there. All you ever need. “I have never gotten any kind of happiness by succumbing to someone else’s definition of me or what I am supposed to be like.”

Trolled will bring three female artistes on board for three videos. They will address the issue of trolling in the form of an originally composed music video. The first video features Bani.


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