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11 of the most controversial royal couples of all time

11 of the most controversial royal couples of all time
24 Jul

Prince Charles married Diana and not Camilla Parker-Bowles because as heir to the British throne, he was expected to marry someone of noble blood with an unblemished dating record. But after his marriage to Diana didn’t work out, he continued dating Camilla until finally receiving permission to marry her, decades after they first met in the 1970s, in 2005. At their wedding, they were forced to apologize for their previous actions before they could seal the deal, according to The Guardian.

The public reaction to their wedding was nowhere near the levels it reached when Princes William and Harry got married years later. Even recently, there was a surge of ill will against Charles and Camilla due to newly released interviews with Diana.

“It is pretty clear that people are not enormously enamoured by Camilla,” royal biographer Robert Lacey said at the time. “People in the future will say that when you compare her style with Diana’s, it is very different.”

Even today, the past still leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths. Two-thirds of Britons say they would not accept Camilla receiving the title of queen when her husband eventually becomes king, according to Express. And even worse for Prince Charles, 51% of his future subjects would rather see the throne skip him and go directly to his son, Prince William, according to The Daily Beat.

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