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10 hot pictures of Roadies Xtreme winner Kashish Thakur Pundir that will make you sweat!

10 hot pictures of Roadies Xtreme winner Kashish Thakur Pundir that will make you sweat!
06 Aug

Can you even believe everyone’s favourite reality show Roadies has wrapped up its 15th season? The latest iteration titled Roadies Xtreme aired its finale today. Kashish Thakur Pundir has won the latest season all thanks to his hard work, agility, daring, strength and a little bit of luck.

Kashish was a part of Neha Dhupia gang on the show. For the second year in a row, someone from Neha’s team has won the reality show. The Haryana born stud is very happy about his win. He has said, ” This definitely feels amazing and like a dream come true. Roadies is such a popular show that being associated with it and winning it feels over the world. It also brings me a step closer to starting classes where I could teach girls the art of self-defense. Neha ma’am was such an inspiring gang leader and I feel proud that I lived up to her expectations.”

Well, it goes without saying that a lot of female attention is coming Kashish’s way. And with this article, we are going to give it a push. Not just kind of strength and personality that will make him win Roadies, but Kashish is also hot enough to make you weak in the knees! Check out 10 hot pictures of Kashish Thakur Pundir!

If you could stop drooling that would be great!

Are you going weak in the knees?

Even his name is so sexy, right?

We are certainly hoping to see him on Bigg Boss soon!

Just in case you are planning to marry him, here is how he’d look on his wedding day!

Too hot to handle!

Won’t love to go on a long drive with him? He is a Roadie after all!

What an unbelievable transformation from cute to hawwt!

What a view! And we are not talking about the landscape!

Isn’t he totally hero material! Well, a huge shout out to Kashi from us. Go follow him on Instagram and shower him with love!


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